Simmons-Edwards House Garden, Charleston, S.C.

This highly stylized painting is a further exploration of geometry and nature. In this composition the nature in topiary form has a geometric pattern further removing the element of natural randomness.  I was drawn to The Simmons-Edwards House in Charleston, S.C,  for its simple topiary design. The perspective and depth contrasts with the 2 dimensional pattern. In creating this piece I focused on each shape as it’s own individual composition. 

Ponderosa Pines

This piece is 24 x 30 inches, acrylic on canvas, from 2002. The most common question I get from people is “what are those black lines”? They are power lines alongside the highway. The bottom right side triangular shape is the shoulder of the highway with the white painted line.  Humanity is added to the equation instead of unspoiled nature by including the road and the power lines. 

Architecture paintings

During the mid 20th century Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) was working hard to promote the ideal mid-century swinger lifestyle experience. Vancouver has many lozenge shaped buildings from this period. The elongated hexagon shape can be found all over the city to this day. The Electra Building was the big shining beacon over blocks of old wooden houses and started the obsession with this elongated hexagon shape. The Electra stands as one of the best examples of mid-century architecture in Canada.  

Panorama Place Apartments
The Electra Building
The Silhouette Apartments
Imperial Towers Apartments
Silhouette Sunrise


Love in the Time of Serpents

Love in the time of Serpents

This acrylic on board piece is 11x14inches. In this study of a tree I am developing the fractured effect. I was thinking of Central America not Canada with this piece. There are volcanoes in the background. I consider this piece to be a study or a sketch rather than a fully developed piece.  

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