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Architecture paintings

During the mid 20th century Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) was working hard to promote the ideal mid-century swinger lifestyle experience. Vancouver has many lozenge shaped buildings from this period. The elongated hexagon shape can be found all over the city to this day. The Electra Building was the big shining beacon over blocks of old wooden houses and started the obsession with this elongated hexagon shape. The Electra stands as one of the best examples of mid-century architecture in Canada.  

Panorama Place Apartments
The Electra Building
The Silhouette Apartments
Imperial Towers Apartments
Silhouette Sunrise


Balcony, Magic Carpet

"Carpeted Balcony" Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches, 1997
“Carpeted Balcony” Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches, 1997

This is a painting of the shadow cast onto the ceiling by a balcony. The shadow is upside down so the orange shape that looks kind of like a sun is actually a shadow of a plant pot with pieces of cutlery stuck in the dirt, can you see it? Of course the evenly spaced lines are the railing spindles and the large red shape is a plant in a pot. The smaller red shape must have been a towel or rag hanging on the railing.  The shadow on the ceiling cast by this collection of mundane items was beautiful to me somehow and I painted it. The colours are inspired by a Kitsilano sunset.